3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
3.5" petite STP 3 in 1 packer ,pack, pee, play realistic prosthetic penis
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PLEASE ALLOW 8-10 WEEK PRODUCTION TIMES. 3.5 STP 3 in 1-adult flaccid penis packer This little petite fella does it all! Molded from an actual cis adult male model, designed for stand-to-pee use, small enough to pack with comfortably, light and firm enough for play.Cup inside shaft contours adult female pubic region comfortably and designed for minimum backflow as possible. Also, these have been designed with a harder silicone coating inside for maximum stream of urine flow, while with the combination of the optional rod, mimics erection but retains soft fleshlike qualities on the outer skin! However, with this feature, you can still bend to pack, since silicone is such a versatile material.
Pleasu-rod insertion rod now available for $15.00 extra. Made of a flexible yet stiff soft lightweight urethane.

Measures 3.5” shaft, 4 5/8 circumference around head, 4 ½ circumference at base where scrotum meets, 3” side to side at widest point. 4 ¼ back top to bottom, 1 ¾ tab above shaft length, inside cup at back 2 ¾ wide oval at widest point, weighs only 6.7 oz!

Please note, stp cup is not as deep as on our 3.5 limp stp non-play models. STP use can vary per person.

EC packers are brand new in the packaging, pure-platinum silicone realistic penis replicas sculpted by fx artisans, capturing every tiny detail of a real penis. Each piece is professionally handmade in the USA with the highest quality skin safe silicones by skilled and trained special effects artisans and professional technicians  and truly is a work of art. Pure platinum silicone is amazingly soft and realistic to the touch, you won't believe it's not the real thing!! Poured in dual densities to mimic the ultimate replica of a human penis and scrotum with no detail left behind. And different skin textures are reproduced through the craft of a unique blend of silicone mixtures. items are made from a unique blend of skin safe virtually odorless medical-grade silicones, this unique packer/dildo is hand painted in layers by high-tech state of the art FX paints to achieve the ultimate realism to capture every nuance of human fleshtones at the best price possible to our customers. Hours are spent on each piece,constructing and painting individually. No 2 packers are exactly alike, as they are hand painted so by purchasing from us you will be owning a unique piece of art. Contains no harmful phthalates!

Due to the nature of the molding process of the STP the scrotum is the same density as the shaft on this model and is a bit hard to ensure proper stp function. For softer options, check out our non-stp models.
No shiny surface and no tacky/sticky residue, virtually no odor!

FTM use: Can be used with most FTM harnesses and strap on devices to give the look of a nicely packed pair of underwear or whatever you chose to do!
Also, soon we will offer a special skin-safe adhesive for an additional fee for bonding to skin for use as a prosthetic.

Available in Caucasian, Latino, Asian, Light or Dark African American, all of these paint options are included as part of price. More designs coming soon, feel free to contact us about custom work.

ErotiCreations products are hand-made so there may be tiny surface bubbles in the back or sides, and in some cases edges that are not completely smooth, this is normal and part of the molding process, and not considered a defect and will not be seen when wearing as a packer

Synthetic dark brown realistic Hair can be hand-punched for an extra 50.00.
Hair punching will be glued on the back, but loose hairs may be a side effect due to the nature of the hair punching process. Punching generally takes 1-2 weeks longer due to the level of work involved. Hair will be punched on pubic tab above shaft, and lighter on sides and scrotum, unless specified differently.

Each product is hand made in the USA which means there is no machinery. The molds are prepared by skilled technicians, the material is mixed and injected into the molds, and the cured product is hand painted by top of the line skin safe medical grade platinum silicone paints then packaged individually.


Why do we use silicone? Silicone is the safest soft material on the market that has unbelievable fleshlike qualities and incredible strength. It has no pores to hold bacteria, and is hypoallergenic, hygienic, easy to clean,can be boiled and incredibly durable. Silicone is also safe for latex-sensitive peoples. Silicone warms and holds body temperature.   Do not be fooled, this product is made from 100% high-cost platinum-cure silicones used by Hollywood artists, and other medical prosthetic companies.  Please note* Silicones are high-strength, but can tear so please care for the material by washing after use and not abusing the toy so your product will last you for years.  Traditional TPE-based novelties have great qualities, but this special mix of silicones are exceptionally realistic and have proven by many customers to be the ultimate material for the most lifelike experience you will have with an adult toy.


Item can be brushed or lightly covered with baby powder, cornstarch and even powdered sugar for a less wet or glossy look. Clean with soap and water to remove water based lubes and grime. For water based lubes only, wipe the toy clean with a dry towel. Wash with an "orange" or "citrus" cleaner and rinse with water.



Please note, this is sold as novelty only, which means buyer accepts all responsibility for what product is used for, and', Hauntprops, LLC or the seller of this product will not be held responsible for any situations which may concur from this product. It is constructed of the best materials available, however to achieve the ultimate realism softer silicones are used, which can take some abuse, but like anything soft in nature it can tear. With care taken, this item can last you a very very long time!





 We understand that all of our customers expect the highest level of privacy. 

We will not use you name, address, or email address for any purpose other than to complete your transaction. This is a private listing, no one else will know that you are purchasing. Your name, address or email address will not be given or sold to any third party and you will not be added to a mailing list or receive spam email from us! All items are shipped discreetly without any indication of the package's contents. The return address on your package states "Hauntprops LLC or Shipping Dept".Credit card will be billed named" Hauntprops LLC, or Paypal"

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS MAY BE SUBJECT TO OUTSIDE CUSTOMS FEES. Not responsible for international orders once shipped. thanks!
No shiny surface and no tacky/sticky residue, virtually no odor! Always practice safe sex and use condoms!

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Too bulky.
Just received this a couple days ago. It literally looked like any other dildo you can buy at an adult store. I tried using it as an stp, honestly you have better luck with the Mr.Fenis. The balls were way too hard and made it bulgy for packing. I like like I had a hard so didn't even bother wearing it out the door. And too small for play. Waste of my money , wasn't for me
Love the paint
I got this for my friend. He really likes it, it takes a little practice to pack with it correctly but after you figure that out, it's awesome. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the stp cup is way shallower than I thought it was going to be and that makes it harder to pack with.
Love my product, customer service could be better.
I have received my ECPros pack/stp I have pro's and con's for it. But let me start by saying I actually love it. . Let's start with cons: I bought the 3.5 inch because anything bigger looks ridiculous in my pants/shorts, so the shaft sticks up until i push it down, but its an easy fix. the ASIAN coloring is really light, and they don't carry anything in olive/mahogany skin tone, so it doesnt completely match my thighs skin color, but it matches enough that it isnt obnoxious. My skin color is an issue i have with all packers. The testicles are very heavy, Its bulky and odd, but an easy fix (i just need to trim some of the silicone out (dont do this on your own, I actually have quite a bit of knowledge with silicone). If i wanted to use it for PLAY (which it is built for according to site) I would need to buy an actual pleasure rod, the one they sent me is literally just a piece of foam. . Pros: It is extremely realist, all the way down to veins, and small bumps or ridges. the urethra opening is excellent for urination so that flow goes fast enough and there isn't a ton of back up. it's hella easy to clean and care for, even after urination. I have no issues standing to pee with it, but need to go slower so I can prevent overfilling the cup area. it feels real (accept testis), and it fits nicely against my body. There is a flap area to adhesive to my body on the upper part, and it also helps with cupping to the lower region for urination. it came with a cock ring/vibrator - which i dont need and wont be using, but was a cool addition. fits on most harnesses and while it has heavy testies, its not that heavy as a whole. The skin is firm enough for play - must be used with condoms - which is fine.
Jonas S.
This is better than my python TSW
This is one of the best stp 3 in 1s I have used I'd recommend it to anyone.
Excellent packer
This is the best packer I've ever had. Not only that it looks great, but it also works great as a STP! I definitely recommend it to anyone.
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