3.5" un-circumcised 2 in 1 packer, pee penis prosthetic

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Great for the Price
I bought one that was in stock and on sale. They only had caucasian, and it's a bit too light for me but since I'm not planning on whipping it out in front of people I don't particularly mind. It's honestly a little rushed looking, there's a very clear seam on the top of the stp and some of the paint or whatever they used to color it is pooled in some areas, as well as some of the cutting being a little uneven. It packs well as a whole, though the tab could use some thinning out. I knew from looking at pictures that I would want to modify the balls a bit to making the stp function easier. I did that by carefully using an exacto blade to basically scoop out some of the silicone to make a larger "cup" out of the balls. The stream is fairly realistic, although there is a possibility of back flow if not careful, especially if you haven't modified it. A longer shaft would probably be easier to aim with too actually. Overall it's definitely worth the money I spent on it though and once I make a harness for it, it'll be much more pleasant to use.
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