- Is the adhesive you sell strong enough and the packer light enough to go through a normal day (walking, running, riding a bike, etc...) without falling? Do other adhesives work with your products?
In most cases, yes if skin and prosthetic are prepared correctly, cleaned and not to endure excessive perspiration or rubbing on clothing too hard. There are instructions included with our adhesive. No, we do not recommend any other brand's adhesive as the silicone may not be compatible and not stick as it should.
Disclaimer.. Adhesive is not intended for use on genitals or any sensitive areas.Ecprosthetcs is not responsible for how product is used.
- Which harness model (or which harness specs) do work with your packers?
The All In One harness we sell is recommended for most packers, especially the 3 in 1's. Just specify your size, most of our prosthetics will fit inside the rubber ring built into the harness.

- Which boxer briefs (or which briefs specs) do work with this model?
Pretty much anything!  If you plan to not wear harness, we recommend a tight pair of briefs to hold packer.

- What if I want hair punched, can I choose the color hair?
Yes! We standard use dark brown, but if you want another color, just mention in the notes while ordering. We can do medium blonde, dark brown, auburn ,light brown or jet black to perfectly customize your product.
Loose hairs may be present. 
- Do all of your prosthetics have the *3D gel filled balls* option? What exactly are 3D balls?
Unfortunately not, it will either list it in options or let you know in description which models have this option. Our 6.5 and 7" come automatically with the gel balls, no extra fee. The other models you can add it as an added bonus. 3D Balls means the entire ballsack has dual gel density pours inside a tougher skin membrane to mimic the scrotum (or breasts)  as realistically as possible. Our gels used for scrotum and breast tissue are a congealed silicone mixture, so no worries about leaking, even if the skin would happen to rip.

- How does the STP work?
Each individual result varies per person. It is up to you to see the design, and decide accordingly. Unfortunately, due to hygeine reasons, none of our products are returnable. Our products are designed to flow properly but each individual result can vary.
-Can I alter the silicone if it does not flow well for me or fit perfectly?
Yes! With prosthetic not being worn, Just carefully take scissors and trim as needed.
- Is the production time cut available in this time of the year?
 Unfortunately this option is not available at this time.
-Do you ship discreet?
Yes! Your prosthetic will arrive in a plain box completely discrete  with ECShipping, or ECPros on label.  There will be absolutely no indication of what is inside box.Customs forms will be labeled "silicone costume accessory" on item description.
-How does my card get charged?
Your billing statement should say ECPROS or ECPROSTHETI.We use PayPal for all transactions and this site is 100% SSL certified. 
- Do you have pictures of the model with hair punching (full and landing)?
Yes, just select option on item and the picture of an example will pop up.

-What if my packer rips or develops a tear?
Our products are super durable but since silicone is somewhat soft and thin in areas for stp use,  in some cases they may form a hole or tear over time.  Luckily,it can be easily repaired using GE brand Clear Silicone I Sealant/Caulk in a clear tube, available at Wal-Mart and most hardware stores.(DO NOT use Silicone II or a lower priced off-brand sealant. These are often inferior rubbers and will not adhere properly). First, wash the area well with alcohol to remove any dust or oil. Then, glue the area with your sealant in a way that can be held in place for at least one hour. Pat with rubbing alcohol to smooth. Allow to fully cure for 24 hours. If this repair does not work, please contact us and we will do our best to help you further. We will soon offer a repair kit, but do not as of now.
-How do I attach your MTF Products?
For our Vulva prosthetic you can use panties, our special silicone adhesive, or  built in elastic straps! Or breasts can be held in place under a bra, straps or again, with our skin-tite silicone skin adhesive.

Just click the contact button and send us an email. Due to our workload, Currently our only contact method is via email.

Just email us and we can color match to the best of our abilities.

-Can you solid fill a packer if i want it non-stp?
YES!  Just mention it in the special notes section and if you want erect or flaccid-soft density.No extra charge. Or select from the dropdown box if available. 
-Disclaimer- for legal reasons we do not advise our products to be used for anything but theatrical use. What you choose to do with our products is your responsibility. Sold for novelty only. Sold as and labeled on package forms (if overseas)Costume Accessory merchandise as description to keep your privacy to a maximum!
-Why such a long wait per order? 
We try to process all orders as fast as possible from date of order. However, sometimes we can get delays due to workload. Our small staff works around the clock and on weekdays, weekends, nights and even holidays to make sure your order gets done and shipped in time. Some orders can be done quicker than projected time, but there are alot of factors and tests in our QC dept that determine how long it can take. WE TAKE SPECIAL CARE IN EACH AND EVERY ORDER WE SHIP!! All orders are 100% made in the USA, using SAFE materials sourced from the USA!! NO IMPORTED ANYTHING!! 
PLEASE NOTE-CURRENT  WAIT TIMES ARE USUALLY LESS BUT CAN BE A MAXIMUM  10 WEEKS IN SOME CASES !!! Our skilled technicians also operate a halloween and haunted house event and special effects prop company, so we have to extend our wait times on products ordered during that time. You still may receive your order sooner than that timeframe, but please be advised those wait times are likely. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND UNDERSTANDING! BE WHO YOU ARE!!!
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